The interiors of the loft units will be very open and spacious filled with natural light. H Street Lofts
Iron Bird Lofts

Architectural Design

The design of the lofts was driven by Rezaís desire to create a semi industrial ambiance in the new lofts. The elements that support that design approach are the large industrial appearing windows and the balconies which emulate industrial catwalks.


The building forms are planar providing ample spaces for Rezaís signature murals. This project will feature two very contemporary Gargoyles perched on the parapets at the central entrance along with other sculptures that will be arranged on the dominant street side walls. Corrugated metal siding will be used as accents and will further the industrial theme. Metal sun shades will be suspended above the major windows with a round hole metal screen surface that will cast interesting shadows.


The interiors of the loft units will be very open and spacious filled with natural light. Great views of the surrounding Cultural Arts District will be seen from the third floor sleeping portion of the lofts.


A great deal of history of Fresno resided on this infill site. Stanís Drive Inn occupied the corner of Broadway and Sacramento along with other commercial ventures. My personal connection to the site is that I was first employed full time as a draftsman in the fall of 1952 in the house on the corner of Fulton And Divisadero.


I hope this project serves the community well as the gateway to the Cultural Arts District and provides the spark for further revitalization of the Downtown Fresno.


T-Squared Architects


Landscape Design

The landscape concept of the Iron Bird Lofts is the Urban Oasis. The user will be welcomed by a classical landscape with unexpected features such as a the Tropical Dining Room, Mediterranean walk and the Picnic Court. With the project catering to living and working, the landscape features choices and amenities for every user while providing year round interest in the planting palette chosen.

landscape design