H Street Lofts

Just behind the Vagabond Lofts, you'll find the H Street Lofts. Here, at 1814 H Street, there are 26-units for artists and professionals with untraditional floor plans. But, really, would you expect anything traditional from Reza Assemi?

The idea behind this development was to create something that gave a sense of place. And these lofts do just that. The architects took their inspiration from the railroad tracks across the street, and designed the building accordingly: the windows are higher up than usual because engine sounds gravitate toward the ground and the different sizes and placement of the windows creates the feeling of movement. And the rusty red color of the building along with the metal accents give the allusion you're in a boxcar. Plus, almost all of the units open to a central courtyard where there is a memorial, meant to commemorate the property's former life as an army induction center.